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Our Team

Lauren - Owner/Master Designer

Hey loves! I believe everyone is beautiful, we’re just so used to our own features! I'm so fortunate to have such an amazing team of talented, caring individuals who will make sure you're looking and feeling your best!  

Stay gorgeous!


Lori - Designer

Welcome all! I strive to be the best cosmetologist there could be. My main priority is to make you happy and feel comfortable in your own skin because you are gorgeous in every way.  Communication is so important to me. Being honest about your likes and dislikes helps me do my job and has you feeling and looking your best because that’s what you deserve!! Thank you always for giving me the opportunity to make you feel as gorgeous as you are in the inside! 

See you soon! 

Michael - Master Designer

Hi There and Welcome,


 As a seasoned stylist in the industry, It's all about communication and having the same vocabulary.  Creating a total understanding of what it is you would like blended with what might be best and achieving that goal.
With both coloring and cutting I strive for a natural look. Blending hair health, clients habits and my knowledge you get a color and cut done with precision and finesse.

I'm very proud of my education. Having studied under Paul Mitchell, himself. Been a member of the Congress of Color as well as designed hair for NYFW.

I'd love to continue the conversation while you are in my chair!


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